Building oneself as a woman in Haitian rap


  • Ludia Exantus École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) Paris / Campus Condorcet


Rap, Identity, Identity construction, Recognition, Woman, Struggle, Male domination


Rap is a musical genre originating from the ghetto which arose in a context of popular demands. producers in this environment are most often interested in what men produce. despite so many efforts made by women, they are always relegated to second place. This research work resolves around the identity construction of women in the middle of haitian rap.  We conducted interviews with five female rappers and also analyzed some of their songs. The results of this research allowed us to understand that the identity of the Haitian female rapper is that it’s built in a struggle for recognition, recognition of oneself as a subject in rap and recognition of her talents. 






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Building oneself as a woman in Haitian rap. (2022). Revue Temporalités Et Sociétés, 1(1-2), 110-127.

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